Information Memorandum

Print our information memorandum and view it through the 4 Murray Rose App to see exclusive 3D content. You will be able to view the building exterior, lobby and floor plates as if you are actually there.

Take the fly through journey around the building and then explore the 3D model yourself as it rises from the page in front of you.

Or simply Click Here to download the Information Memorandum.


Step 1: Print our Information Memorandum

In order to get the most out of the augmented reality features, we encourge you to print our brochure.


Step 2: Download our app

Download the '4 Murray Rose' app on your smart phone or tablet device from the Apple or Google Play App stores.


Step 3: Look for this icon

Look for this icon in our brochure which indicates the page has interactive content.


Step 4: Point your camera at the page

Point your camera at the page to display the interactive content when you see the icon.